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What Publishers say about KalaGato

Experience working with KalaGato was very good, In my opinion, KalaGato is a very useful platform to sell your app where you can get a great value for your product. A most important point to be mentioned is that the KalaGato team is very supportive specially starting from Aman and then Vignesh. I am glad that I found this company to sell my app. Very good service and we are still working with them for the growth of our app. Highly recommended for those who want great value for their app. I am really happy to work with you and will work for the long term for sure.

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Guruprit Saini
CEO, AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
What Publishers say about KalaGato

It was a pleasure doing business with KalaGato. We would like to do more business in future. Process of transfer app was smooth. We completed the deal and got money in 30 days. 100% secure payment with escrow method. Thank you.

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Chirag Pipaliya
CEO & Co-founder at Vasundhara Infotech LLP
What Publishers say about KalaGato

I sold my best apps to the KalaGato. It was a pleasure to do business with them because everything was clear and transparent at all stages of the negotiation. I also will be involved in the decisions for the next 5 years, and this was a crucial point for me, as it gives me the opportunity to participate to the next improvements of the app I created, and it will allow me to keep earning a small percentage from the app earnings. In conclusion, I recommend to at least trying to talk with the KalaGato team, which is also close to the vendor for any question or concern.

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Riccardo Camattari
Founder at Huge Digital Clock
What Publishers say about KalaGato

We were contacted by KalaGato with an offer for the acquisition of our asset, mobile game Clone Armies. Initially, the buyer provided us with the roadmap of the whole process, which was (with small adjustments) very accurate. We got to choose from multiple deals and after some negotiations, we managed to close the deal that was convenient for both sides. Sometimes the communication was a bit of an issue, but in the end, the buyer delivered and everything went smooth and fast, including the final payout via escrow agent.

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Petr Bouzek
Founder at Elecube
What Publishers say about KalaGato

Working with KalaGato was an amazing experience for me. I had an app that I was not able to grow further and was not able to monetize to its full potential. That is where KalaGato came into picture and offered a handsome value for my app. After an initial discussion where we shared our business info and app statistics, KalaGato came up with an offer which I accepted, and within a month app was transferred and payment was done. I must say - it was a smooth transition. I am sure my app is in safe hands and KalaGato team will bring the best out of it. Looking forward to do more business with this professional and highly motivated team.

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Founder at Smartupapps
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