Top 6 Popular App Monetization Platforms for Android App

Top 6 Popular App Monetization Platforms for Android App


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  • Google AdMob
  • Facebook Ad Network
  • Unity Ads
  • InMobi
  • Google Ad Exchange
  • Iron Source

As an app developer, your ultimate goal in creating an app is to make money. You can easily monetize your app through subscriptions, lead generation, and affiliate marketing online, but mobile app monetization platforms are the easiest way to make your app profitable. Joining mobile ad networks can help app publishers by selling ad space to advertisers as passive options for monetizing their apps. The buying occurs manually or through real-time bidding options. Most mobile ad networks focus on a broad spectrum of ad formats such as banners, native ads and video ads to connect with the audience easier.

But, if you do not have a proper strategy in place, your ads may not work. Based on your target audience, the type of app you are selling, and the utility of your app, you need to plan which strategy would work better to increase app installations.

It could be: 
A Subscription-based strategy 
A Premium plan 
A Download Fee Strategy

According to statistics, the global app install ad spend is projected to grow to more than $118 billion in 2022. So, who wouldn't want a piece of the cake? If you create an app, monetization is crucial; otherwise, your app's usability and functionality remain unseen by people who could benefit from it.

Below are the top 6 android app monetization platforms to help app publishers grow their apps.

Google AdMob:

Google AdMob is one of the largest global mobile ad networks and helps monetize your app with actionable insights and in-app ads. It is considered to be the best app monetization platform; the platform supports multiple currencies so that you can earn money globally. Some reasons to use Google AdMob are: 
Over 81% of Android apps top 1000 use AdMob 
97% of AdAge 100 world’s largest advertisers buy ads on AdMob 
1 million + apps use AdMob 
1 million + Google advertisers are on AdMob

Features of Google AdMob include: 
Smarter technology, more revenue - AdMob is one of the largest global ad networks that can help maximize the value of each impression across multiple networks with their advanced monetization technology. 
High-performing ad formats - Engage with users using AdMobs innovative ad formats. You can customize your user experience and earn more revenue by seamlessly integrating rewards, banners, videos, and interstitial ads into your app. 
Automated tools - Streamline your entire ad process with the easy-to-set-up and integrate automated tools. AdMob offers everything from brand safety controls to advanced monetization technology with bidding and mediation. 
Advanced analytics - Make smarter decisions and improve customer experience with robust reporting and measuring features that deliver deeper insights into how your users interact. Get richer insights with direct integration into Google Analytics.

The hybrid monetization model is available on AdMob too. For example, you can use in-app purchases but also reward ads.

Facebook Ad Network:

One of the best app monetization platforms for Android users is Facebook Ad Network. You can now publish ads for people who use their mobile apps outside the realm of Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Ad Network is perfect for Android app monetization as it shows detailed information about users and can provide accurate ad targeting options.

Features of Facebook Ad Network include: 
Increased efficiency - Monetize your ad and remove the burden of waterfalls, increase operational efficiency, and access more target audiences with ease 
Engage with users - This app helps provide quality ads to targeted users that fit your app’s audience. 
Earn more revenue - Get access to multi-vertical demands from millions of Facebook advertisers. 
Flexible ad formats - Facebook Ad Network uses multiple flexible ad formats to engage with users, such as Native ads, Interstitial ads, Banner ads, reward videos, and playable ads. 
Valuable insights - Stay in the loop with the latest updates, optimization tips, fresh insights, and success stories directly from Facebook.

Unity Ads: 

Unity is one of the largest mobile app ad networks and the best android app monetization platform in the market. App publishers can buy interesting ads like playable creatives for the apps. Playable ads are interactive and have snippets of their gaming apps on the ad to allow users to interact with them. In the feed, users see a mini-section of the game with a CTA (Call To Action) that encourages them to download the app.

Features of the Unity Ads App include: 
Easy to set up and use - Integrate ads directly into any game with SDK design. 
Diverse ad formats - Easy integration of various ad formats from rewards to interstitials to help boost CPM or Cost-Per-Thousand results. 
Trust and Safety - The Unity app provides users with resources, tools, and insights to help control ads in your apps, stay compliant with rules and regulations and make informed monetization decisions. 
Easy Campaign management - Set up, monitor, and optimize your campaigns within the self-serving dashboard. 
Powerful analytics - Access powerful analytics and build customized reports with an easy drag-and-drop interface to get better project insights.
Expert support - Discover how to optimize your ad campaigns with expert support from industry veterans.


This global app monetization platform specializes in providing the best ROI for mobile marketing and advertising. It helps brands, application owners, and marketers connect with their users at different stages of interaction with the program.

According to InMobi, the average user connects with them at least 6 times a day, and over 6 billion ad impressions are served daily. These are primarily in apps from categories such as Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Gaming.

Features of InMobi include: 
Unified auction - Maximize your ad revenue with a unified ad auction that brings the best of header bidding for mobile apps. You can now be in complete control with deep reports into the behind-the-scenes auction mechanics. 
Easy app monetization - You can tap into the premium and diverse ad campaigns and connect with the largest brand advertisers worldwide with direct and programmatic channels. 
Boost ad revenue in the global market - With the InMobi exchange, you now have exclusive access to over 200+ DSPs with over 5000 programmatic buyers who represent the top brands from the globe. 
Give your users what they want - You can choose from a comprehensive list of ad formats that include videos, rich media, and customizable native ads to create in-app monetization opportunities to strike the perfect balance between revenue and user experience.

Google Ad Exchange: 

Google Ad Exchange or AdX is an ad exchange network contributing to more than 50% of the total programmatic revenue. It ranks as the top app monetization platform among media buyers and app publishers. The platform offers a large number of advertisers the option to run massive campaigns and offers publishers maximum revenue contributions.

Features of Google Ad Exchange include: 
Higher demand means higher revenue - Google AdX has a much higher demand than any other platform as it unified multiple DSPs. Due to the high demand, there is also more competition, which results in higher revenues for app publishers. 
Complete Ad control - App publishers have complete control of the timings to display ads, where to position the ads, and which ads to display on which application. 
Defined pricing - App publishers control the price floors for their ad inventory. Each ad space can have a different price level, which in turn helps generate the highest eCPM. 
Maintain anonymity - App publishers have the option to keep their ad inventory branded, transparent, and even semi-transparent to their buyers. 
Advanced Targeting - Google Ad Exchange provides advanced targeting options through which publishers can target their audience based on location, device, and age, which results in higher yields and eCPM. 
Reporting Tools - You can create comprehensive reports with segregations showing advertisers, devices, and buyer networks. This helps app publishers gain deeper insights into their audience and optimize their inventory accordingly.

Iron Source: 

If you are looking to supercharge your revenue with the best technology to maximize your earnings and empower your app, then Iron Source is for you. The platform helps monetize apps for a wide range of mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, Adobe, Unity, and others. They offer 4 main ad formats - reward videos, Banners, interstitials, and offer wall.

Features of Iron Source include: 
Single access point for global bidders - You can get the highest price for each impression with an in-app bidding engine that directly connects you to the leading bidding networks in the industry. 
More than mediation - Gain access to a complete set of optimization tools with the most comprehensive reporting options to boost your app monetization process. 
Entire growth cycle in 1 platform - Iron Source connects your user acquisition with monetization to help your app achieve complete growth. 
Trustworthy technology - The platform provides stability without compromising app performance and ensures reliable SDK deliverables while keeping the user experience intact. 
A/B Testing - Optimize your monetization strategies with a powerful A/B testing tool that makes testing everything from ad units to user segments easier. 
Customizable user segments - Create a better user experience and help increase revenue with the segmentation tool to allow for custom ad flowers in different player segments. 
Expert insights - Let the experts help you supercharge your ad monetization strategy to help increase users.

Final Thoughts!

As an app publisher, understanding the metrics involved with user engagement, revenue generation, connecting the different monetization models to your apps and finding the best mobile app monetization platforms can be difficult. It gets even tougher if you have more than one app in your portfolio. So, instead of trying to strike a balance between monetizing your app and keeping user engagement higher, why not sell it on KalaGato?

If you do not want to waste months on closing a deal or want to connect directly to the stakeholders without the hassle of bidding, or want to know the correct valuation of your app, then KalaGato is for you!


1. What does getting 'app monetized' mean?

Getting your app monetized means generating sustainable revenue from the users already using the app. To put it simple, this is how apps make money. 

2. What is a monetization strategy for an android app?

One of the most popular app monetization strategies are to offer both free and paid versions of the app. With this approach app developers will offer ‘limited’ features in the free app to encourage them to upgrade to the paid one or monetize the free app with in-app advertising.

3. What is an app monetization platform?

App monetization platforms help app developers and publishers earn money from their app through mobile advertising. 

4. How can I monetize an Android app?

The most common way to monetize an Android app is by running in-app ads. This is a valuable source of revenue for app developers while keeping the app free in the app store. 

5. Which app ad network pays the most?

Unity Ads offers high CPM rates that average USD 5.35 for rewarded video ads. For countries like USA it offers USD 11.67 for Android, and USD 7.15 for iOS.  

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